Fantasy Drabble #40 “Fly Girl”

The changes started that spring, when she turned twelve. Some she was prepared for, all the girls in the village were going through the same or soon would.

Some changes, however, were more surprising: the bud wings that began sprouting from her shoulder blades, for example. She tried salves, spells, nothing worked. Didn’t even slow them down. By the end of that summer, she had an impressive eight foot wingspan.

Her parents were tight lipped, but they didn’t seem that surprised, somehow. Maybe this had something to do with her being the only one in the family with red hair…

Fantasy Drabble #39 “Bad Beat”

The sky was dark and tortured, and he gazed up at it in amusement. The lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, and yet he laughed. They couldn’t stop it now, not without breaking their own precious rules. Their noble champion lay in pieces on the steps, and the beautiful maiden lay with her heart cut out on the altar.

He could already feel the power coursing through his veins. From now he would only grow stronger, already no mortal could oppose him. In the end, he himself would be as a god. And then, oh, then there would be thunder.

SF Drabble #69 “Movie Night”

“It says clearly on the ticket, sir: ‘admit one’. The theater manager looked both bored and annoyed.

“You don’t understand, this creature is a hive mind. The individuals…” the UN guide pointed to a few of them as they scurried around at his feet" “…are just parts of the whole…”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”


The Iliole picked that moment to incorporate, climbing onto and over each other until they formed a single man-shaped writhing mass.

The manager stared for a moment. “Well all right then.” He parted the rope and allowed them through. “But, one seat, understand?”

SF Drabble #68 “O’Neill Colony Down And Out”

“Arnold Pierce?” it was a base security officer asking.


“I’m afraid you’re under arrest.”

“…Arrest? On what charge?”

“Failure to pay your monthly air tax. Would you hold out your arms please?”

“…uh, yeah. Hey, listen, I’m just unemployed right now is all, I’ll pay it, I just need to make some money.”

“I understand, sir. I’m just doing my job.” His voice was sympathetic.

“So what happens now? Pushed out an airlock?”

“Of course not, sir. There’s a fine. You work that and your taxes off on the farms.”

“Well,” said Pierce with resignation, “at least it’s work.”

Zombie Drabble #91 “Fever Dream”

She is in the doorway watching over him like always. She speaks words he cannot understand. There is no pain, but his body burns with fever. There is a ringing in his ears, like after a concert. He tries to sit up so he can hear her clearly, but he has no energy left.

He closes his eyes for a long while. He sleeps fitfully. When he awakes, he is again drenched in sweat and she is again in the doorway. She is beautiful in the soft light of the bedside lamp. She is crying, and she holds a gun.

Zombie Drabble #90 “Omaha Beach”

He held the binoculars to his eyes for a long time, methodically scanning the shore. “It looks clear. Where exactly is the grocery store?"”

“Just on the other side of that brown office building.” He pointed, but the skipper didn’t notice. “There’s a fence between that parking lot and the water, but…”

“I see it. We’ve got wire-cutters. You’re sure there’s food?”

“Two weeks ago the place was still stocked. We only got one cartfull out though.”


“Couple dozen, then. Now? I dunno.”

The skipper shrugged. “Okay.” He turn to the teenager at the helm. “Take us in, Bobby.”