Fantasy Drabble #335 “Persinette”

They heard noises, the Princess and waiting-lady, and hurried from their beds to the tower windows. Far below, there was motion in the darkness.

“My Lady, we should raise the alarm.”

“Wait, Norol… it could be rescue at long last. Some suitor, come to liberate me from this odious imprisonment.”

The motion resolved into shapes moving up the side of the tower. When they climbed up out of shadow into direct moonlight, they were spidery nightmares larger than men, claws and fangs piercing the stone for purchase, glinting eyes fixed upwards on the women.

“That is no rescue, My Lady.”

Fantasy Drabble #334 “Spanking”

There’s a monster under my bed. Before you jump to conclusions, I should clarify that I’m 26.

Now, granted, the monster has been under my bed since I was four or five. Maybe before, I don’t know: four or five is when I was aware that there was a monster under my bed. I remember having a conversation with my father about how the monster was there to protect me. So I was never really scared of it.

But he’s still there, even now. So even though I like sex a little rough, there are limits. So just be aware.

Zombie Drabble #414 “Cashmere Slumbers”

A hand shook her shoulder and a whisper hissed in her ear: “Wake up!”

“Leave me alone. Sleeping.” It had been a late night. The scouts had brought back bottles from a liquor store stockroom: the good stuff, overlooked when the place had been looted months before. She hadn’t meant to drink so  much, but it had been so long… “Go away.”

“You have to get up right now, they’ve broken through the fence. We’ve got to get to the trucks. Come on.”

She raised her head from the pillow: outside, muffled, there was gunfire and yelling. “It’s not fair.”