Zombie Drabble #129 “Tough Love”

“Honey, mommy knows you don’t feel well, but please, just try to drink a little water. You really need to drink some water, sweetie.”


Shut up. Baby, here, let me hold your head up for you. Just drink a little bit. Then you can sleep.”

“Jen, please.”

“You go to hell. I’m not leaving her like this.”

“Jen, she’s already dead.”

“She is not dead. She’s just sick. And you don’t care that our daughter is sick. You want to leave? Go. I’m not leaving our baby.”

Jen felt a cold chill: she hadn’t expected him to actually leave.

Zombie Drabble #128 “Clean Energy”

We’d held our ground, slaughtered the local hordes, so there was time. We had all the building materials, that was no problem. The question was: where? Some of the guys with military experience wanted a hilltop, somewhere ‘defensible’. Which, I guess, is reasonable.

But they’re wrong. Not half a mile from this spot is a Bloom Box sitting on top of a landfill. The local government bought it as an experiment a year ago. I’ll take light bulbs, thank you, and space heaters in the winter, and refrigeration, and radios. We need juice more than we need the high ground.