Fantasy Drabble #78 “The Next Big Thing”

I don’t know what spell he cast, what deal he made with what god or demon. Reyneth was an annoyance before, just someone to keep an eye on.

When he came at me in the square I took it easy at first. Tried to change him into a rat, to no avail. Repulsion, Hold, Sleep, none had any effect. He’d already struck me twice when I lit him on fire.

The fire’s out now, but he’s still alive, crawling towards me. I’ll try hitting him with a wagon, but if that fails I’ll have to drop a building on him.

Fantasy Drabble #77 “Inheritance”

I can only see them when I’m wearing Great Aunt Vi’s locket, the one she left me in her will. She never talked about it, never mentioned its special properties to me. Though, I rarely saw her as she almost never left her apartment.

They’re everywhere: the bus driver with the horns on the route between school and Ron’s house; the lady with the jet-black skin and glowing blue eyes who lives downstairs; Professor Milch and his tail and odd sulfur smell. When I’m not wearing the locket they all look perfectly normal.

I don’t go out much anymore either.