Fantasy Drabble #355 "Once Bitten"

"I parked up at the point. Out past the old—"

"I know 'the point'. Go on."

"We were just making out, I swear. Her parents are real strict—"

"Just tell us what happened."

"There was this noise, like a wild animal or something. She got scared, she wanted to leave. I told her I'd get out and look around. You know, so she'd think I was brave or whatever…"


"I looked around in the woods, and when I came back, I found her… like that."

"Kid, I can't help you if you lie to—"

"I'm telling you the truth."

Deadly Toxic Cloud Escapes Chemical Refinery, Kills Area Man

"You can't go out there."

"Don't be ridiculous, Harriet."

"You heard what the radio—"

"You can stay inside if you want." He tapped on the window pane. "Look, see, there's the Magruders' dog, and he's fine. The radio's in on it, Harriet."


"I'm going."

"At least wear the mask."

He'd bought it at a surplus store during a survivalist phase, before he understood the real danger. "There's nothing in the air, Harriet." He looked at her, read the expression on her face. "Fine, I'll wear the mask." 

Masked, Brent threw open the door and strode out with confidence; Harriet quickly closed the door behind him. The street was empty, but he could feel the eyes on him from front windows.

Let's put on a show. He ostentatiously bent down to smell a flower, took a deep breath. He immediately felt nauseous. Wait, do the cartridges on these masks expire?

Fissile Material

She was already cooking before we got to Los Alamos, I see that now. In Houston, she had friends and places to go and her parents weren't really that far. I had more time for her. There were things keeping her from going off the deep end.

She keeps escaping from the infirmary. They're just not equipped for this sort of thing, but everyone's concerned that if she's sent off-base, she'll talk about the work. Lord knows what she's heard.

This time they found her out in the desert, half-naked, twirling a lasso. I just don't know what to do.