Mentioned In Dispatches

"This little story took us all by surprise in how much we enjoyed the tight writing and sly little jokes." - Trifecta, on The New Amsterdam Vampire Social Club

"...wildly inventive..." "He trusts the reader enough to let us find our own way in his world and we are grateful for that opportunity." - Trifecta, on Dome 8, Section 17, Level 8, Hatch 124, Knock 5 Times

"Third place goes to David Blackstone who gave us Masked.  This well-paced scene was tense and interesting enough even without the dead woman's grafted skin.  But David has proven the old writing adage to be true: you can never go wrong with a dead woman's grafted skin." - Trifecta, on Masked

"This publish ready poem is beautiful in its melancholy, honest about its ache, the metaphor is splendid, and it leaves the mind open to ponder our own waters, losses, lives.” - Elle Arra, judge for Three Line Thursday, on Afloat.

“This was my favorite use of “portal” in the bunch. An enticing, wild quality about it.” - Nina Loard, judge for Three Line Thursday, on Array

“I enjoyed the story that this piece tells. The writer perfectly captures the fears/suspicions of a relationship gone sour, along with its warning signs—in this case, a boat. It’s sad, angry, and straightforward. Very enjoyable.” - Taylor Eaton, judge for Three Line Thursday, on A Hole In The Water