Okay. Annabelle awoke, stretched her arms, looked around her studio apartment and… Wait, no, that's too cliché, can't start with her waking up. No decent literary agent would let that pass.

Annabelle stepped out of the front door of her apartment building, her Manolos flashing red against the… Ugh, too 90's. What is this, Sex in the City? No. How about:

Annabelle raised her arm to flag down a cab as if she was a wizard  bending the city to her will. Ooh, I like that… Hey, maybe this could be Urban Fantasy! I bet that stuff sells great… Okay.

Annabelle felt the power coursing through her fingers as she commanded a cab driver to… Should her name still be Annabelle if it's Urban Fantasy? What about 'Lorelei'? Or maybe something like 'Rielle'? Rieeeeeelle. Love it. Okay.

Rielle slid into the cab and the ensorcelled driver pulled away from the curb without a word from her… Where's she going though? Maybe a nightclub full of demons and sorcerers? OOh I could call the club 'Underworld'!

Underworld was a seething mass of power and sex and thumping house music. Rielle snaked through the crowd until she saw him… Okay, what should the guy's name be? 'Cray'? Maybe 'Tanner'? 'Tanner' works. I like a 'Tanner'.

As soon as Rielle approached, a predatory smile spread across Tanner's face. What does he say? Something alpha-male, gotta be a little rapey, but in a hot way.

"Welcome back, pet." Yeah, that'll really draw 'em in.