Zombie Drabble #338 “Play Time Is Over”

The first round struck the right forearm, sending blood and bone spraying behind it.  The force sent the zombie spinning three-quarters of the way around, both arms flailing, barely keeping its feet. Just as it regained its balance and turned back towards them, the second round struck it in the stomach, causing the creature to double over and moan. As it straightened up, one arm outstretched towards him, he aimed for a kneecap.

“Oh, would you please stop fucking around?” Roger put a bullet through the zombie’s brain and it fell motionless to the pavement. “We’ve got shit to do.”

SF Drabble #330 “In Concert”

“Just take one.”

“Are you sure one is enough?”


The pill was so small, but he trusted her, and he placed it gingerly on his tongue and reached for the water glass.

“About twenty minutes. You’ll start feeling it in ten, but you should go out in twenty.”

“And they’re all taking theirs now too? So we’ll be linked up?”

“There are screens that run instructions. And those bell tones from a minute ago, that’s what those mean.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

She smiled. “Have fun. If you worry, they’ll worry. Let them help you play better.”

Fantasy Drabble #251 “The Maiden”

She crept silently from her hiding spot behind the immense girth of the ancient tree, holding her breath, eyes locked on the one-horn. It had seen her, but she was still twenty paces away and so far it seemed unconcerned.

When, finally, It turned its head and locked eyes with her, she said, “Here, boy. Good boy. You know me? No man does…”

Apparently convinced, it slowly walked through the tall grass to find her hands with its nose. She opened one palm to release the sugar cube to its lips. She whispered, “You’re not mine, yet. But I’m yours.”

Fantasy Drabble #250 “Annoyances”

The wizard looked up from his writings to see his apprentice hovering awkwardly in the doorway. “What?”

“I’m sorry to intrude, Master, I know how busy—”


“There’s a man waiting in the drawing room, Master. A… a swordsman.”

“And one presumes he brought his sword with him?”

“…Yes, Master.”

The wizard sighed. “Well, every other damn day, why not today  Go ahead and send him in. And then call up to the servant’s quarters and have someone come down with a bucket and a mop. Last time they left the mess too long, and it seeped into the hardwood.”

SF Drabble #329 “John”

The old man took his credit slip and waved it in front of the reader. “Paid in full. Up the stairs, third door on the right. Her name’s Penelope.”


“And remember, son: be respectful. A gentleman is always respectful to a lady.”

The customer looked at him quizzically. “She’s not real. She’s plastic. Plastic and metal and silicon and a computer chip to run it all. But I have no intention of breaking—”

“I’m not worried about that; you couldn’t break Penelope if you tried. It’s to keep in practice, my boy. Best not to develop any bad habits.

Zombie Drabble #337 “Cornered”

It was skin and bones, mostly bones, with fresh blood smeared across its face and dripping from its mangled mouth. It pulled itself along with one hand, ripping out clumps of grass each time, glancing up at him between exertions to get its bearings.

“Fuck you, man,” Pete exclaimed, the fence behind him, as he fumbled in his pockets looking for ammunition he didn’t have. He didn’t understand how he’d allowed himself to be backed into this corner. It was almost like he had always been here, that he’d been born with this zombie already advancing on him. “Fuck you.”