About This Blog

My name is David Blackstone and I write fiction.

Mostly it is genre fiction. Mostly it is flash-fiction, fiction of 1000 words or less. That latter description is changing, in the midst of becoming untrue. I'm working up to something, aiming for a new description. The end goal is novel-length. I have some of those in my head, and I hope to become the writer I need to be in order to put them onto a page.

I do not include descriptions, caveats, explanations, notes, or any other non-fiction element in the posts you will read in the blog section of this site; that is a rule I have kept for 3 years now, and don't plan on changing it. This is not a blog about fiction: this is a blog of fiction. If there is some context needed that you don't get from the piece itself, look at the tags. They will often include the name of the 'universe' in which the piece is set (frex: the Forsythe universe which includes Alistair Forsythe from Search and Rescue and Baptism; the Association universe from Parole and other stories; the Downward To The Waters universe — which I officially call the 'ramship' universe — featured in Kyllaros, etc.) and going back and reading previous pieces from that 'universe' will give you context. I'm not a fan of re-exposition. Catch up to me.

I've been doing link-ups lately: going to particular fiction sites, taking their prompts and writing to them, and then linking on their sites back here to my blog. Some of the places I have been going include:

Write On Edge

Velvet Verbosity

The Parking Lot Professional

...as I participate in other link-ups, I'll add the corresponding sites here.


  1. Hi David,

    My name is Jess and I’m a journalist and podcast producer at BreakThru Radio, a multi-media platform covering independent news. One of the podcasts I host is called Biology of the Blog and revolves around interviewing one awesome blogger (such as yourself!) every week on the show. I’m wondering if you might be willing to come on air as a guest speaker in the next couple weeks and chat about David's Writing Blog?

    The interview is not done live (don’t worry), so I can edit out any verbal pauses. I’ve found the best medium is Skype (mine) to phone (yours), and can give you a call from our studio.

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please send me a reply along with some idea of availability over the next week or so and we can figure out more details.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration!


    Jess Goulart

    1. I'd certainly be interested. I have a fairly podcast-unfriendly bronchial cough at the moment, though, so you'd probably want to hold off a week or so until that has a chance to go away. You can email me at davidwblackstone at gmail dot com