Zombie Drabble #402 "So You Thought You Might Like To Go To The Show"

"Going somewhere?" Rick's voice, behind her.

Violet froze halfway up the ladder; in her attempt to climb silently with a heavy pack and rifle over her shoulder, she had forgotten to keep watch. "I'm leaving. Don't try to stop me."

"Technically all that stuff belongs to the town."

She didn't want to have to kill him. "I brought more than this in with me. You've made a profit."

"There are zombies out there."

She didn't respond, just resumed climbing, dropped down, sprinted off. The town wasn't going to last the winter; she'd seen it before. Better to risk the zombies.

Zombie Drabble #401 "Soles"

"This guy looks about your size." Farris stood over the now mostly-headless corpse.

Shepherd finished reloading and knelt down: like-new basketball shoes, not so much as a scuff on the outside. But the inside… "He's been dead too long. I'd never get the stink out."

"Beggars can't be—"

"I'm not taking his shoes."

"Suit yourself." Farris moved on, peering into cars that hadn't moved in three months. "Maybe there's a strip mall around somewhere."

"I don't even know where we are." Shepherd turned, called to the group. "Hey, anybody from around here? Or just knows where there's a shoe store?