Fantasy Drabble #366 "Don't Make Me Pull This Car Over"

While the more cowardly townspeople ran in terrified circles, the bravest planted their feet, aimed their bows, and loosed arrows upward at a furious rate. Most fell short, but a few came close enough to hear the whizz, and one or two bounced off Midz-Aset's scaly underbelly. After a while he grew bored, and flew off in the direction of home.

"I don't see why you bother terrorizing them if you're not going to bother eating anyone," Winnis the Oreiad wondered aloud, as the dragon landed on the mountainside by the cavern-mouth entrance to his lair.

"Because it annoys them."

Zombie Drabble #425 "Infected"

He'd had the fever for a couple days, then nausea. Now the ugly red and purple rash was spreading across his back and his stomach, and deepening to black, and Doctor Raul's service wasn't picking up. "Right, I'm taking you to the hospital."

He was too weak to argue. She put her shoulder under his armpit and walked him to the car. When they hit the first police roadblock, she diverted to side streets; at the second, she rolled down the window and waved over an officer. "What's going on?"

"Is he sick?" The cop asked, hand on his gun.

Fantasy Drabble #365 "After The Fall"

"If we'd won, there'd be green trees and grass and flowers of every color. And it'd be warm."

But you didn't win, Aila didn't retort. Instead, the White Warlock had killed the King and his Heirs, taken the castle, and remade the land to his liking for leagues in every direction. "I know, Mother."

"But don't you worry," the woman continued. "The Prophecy will still come true. A hero will rise up and defeat her. It just wasn't time yet, and Gwarn wasn't the right hero."

"I'm sure you're right, Mother." The snow was up to her knees. Fat chance.