SF Drabble #121 “Descent”

It took a week for the party to make its way down through the system of caves and tunnels to the enormous cavern where the Howpom city lay. Chandramouli’s broken ankle would have slowed us considerably, but they came up and got him, carried him the rest of the way. As a result he completed what was for us a seven-day delve in about thirty-six hours.

Not that Howpom hospitality was without it’s drawbacks: he shook his head and said, “It was like being on a roller coaster with no breaks. In the dark. They run the whole way down.”

SF Drabble #120 “Second Class”

She held the spear over one shoulder, at the ready. Humans weren’t allowed to carry firearms by treaty stipulation, but a spear would suffice to ward off a kingpig if it was bold or desperate enough to try stalking her.

At the crossroads that marked the edge of the human reservation, the Glaw sentries lay sunning themselves. She showed her papers, and was waved on with a grunt. The only advantage to being human on 51 Pegasi d was that Glaw, regardless of their station in their own society, would not lower themselves to bother with a human for long.

Fantasy Drabble #82 “Of A Dark Scottish Loch”

The doors are closed and barred, the windows covered. The family huddles in dark of the basement, surrounded by brick and stone. From outside, horrific sounds are heard: there was not enough time to rescue the hogs, and the pen will have offered little protection against something so large. But they take comfort that all the children are safe.

Usually the creature has its fill of someone’s livestock and then slides back into the murky depths of the lake. It will probably do the same tonight, with luck.

If the fishing wasn’t so good here, they would really consider moving.

Fantasy Drabble #81 “Disquiet”

In death Felicity was tied to the place of her murder. From her vantage point floating over the spot where her body had fallen, she could see the end of the hallway, with it’s heavy oaken door that led to the King’s bedchamber. But no matter how Felicity tried, she couldn't reach it. Beyond it her murderer had taken her place in the King’s favor and in his bed.

But to get there, the young whore would have to pass this spot. Every night. And Felicity’s ghost would be waiting to raise the hairs on the back of her neck.