Our Third Date

We slipped and splashed our way from the car with the ruined tire up the muddy driveway to a darkened house, to knock on a door that would not be answered. Even under the awning, we were still pelted with horizontal rain, so we made for the barn.

You were soaked through, but you didn't want to take off your dress; I had to seduce you out of it. The straw was dry, and there was a space heater, and we were careful to keep them separated.

I hadn't seen your tattoo before. Now I have one just like it.


It was, oh, about nineteen fifty-two, I think. I was working at the West coast office, the one hidden under the meat-packing plant. You'd have to go into the freezer and turn this fake dial to a certain temperature to access the elevator. Now everything's done up to look like a tech company, no fuss, no muss.

Our lab was working on a super-soldier thing for ARPA. I'm not saying they eventually got it straight, but have you seen those Section Four guys? Captain America, eat your heart out.

Anyway, some egghead had a son, real zero, eighty-pound weakling type. Sad. Guy decided that the latest batch was promising: mice looked good, chimps looked better. So he took a sample home, put it in the kid's hot cocoa. By the next morning, the kid's ten feet tall and still growing.

Had a hell of a time cleaning that one up.

Fantasy Drabble #368 "To The Heavens"

Orgu, I beg you to hear these desperate words.

I have fallen down a crevasse at the edge of the field where my koro graze, and my leg is broken. I have lain here through three sunrises and sunsets, and no one has chanced upon my untended herd or my dropped walking-staff.

If I have won any small part of your favor in my life, I ask you now to grant me either speedy rescue or a quick and painless death, whichever suits your will. I hereby sacrifice to you my last morsel of food, burned on this dry stone.

SF Drabble #452 "Permanent Vacation"

It's tonight. Are you ready?

I've packed everything I can think to take. Funny what you put in at first, only to realize you won't need it out there. I'm sure I've still got it wrong, somehow, but that's our imperfect understanding. Not even Go and Lu have a complete picture of our existence once we're translated.

Oh I'm so excited.

Now make sure you're at the right elevation, Becky, Go stressed that it's very important. We're lucky, our house is almost perfect, only a little low. I'm sure you'll figure something out, you're so clever.

See you up there!