Fantasy Drabble #51 “A Jolly Happy Soul”

That morning, the morning after the blizzard, it was just there. There was two feet of snow, drifts of three, and not even the neighborhood kids had been outside yet. I wondered who would build such a thing in someone else’s yard, at night.

I left it alone. I didn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction.

Three weeks later all the snow is gone from the ground but Frosty’s still standing there. People keep asking me what I did to it. Like, shellacked it or whatever? I didn’t do anything to it.

It’s starting to freak me the fuck out.

Fantasy Drabble #50 “You’re Going To Have To Come With Us.”

There was an insistent knocking on the door. When he opened it, there were two policemen standing in the hall. “May we come in?”

“Sure.” He stood aside. No sense making trouble.

While one looked around, the other asked questions. “May I ask why your windows are all blacked out?”

“Work nights, sleep days.”

“Is that right.”


“Live here alone?”

“That’s right.”

The second cop called from the kitchen, “What’s in all these jars in the fridge?”


“Looks like blood…”


“I have to ask, sir: are you registered as a vampire?”

“I’m telling you it’s soup.”


Zombie Drabble #98 “Overconfident”

Some guys get cocky. Freddie, you know, Kip’s brother? He was one. Man, he was good with the shotgun, or a pistol. One bullet, one zombie dropped, you could count on him, man.

It made him too confident, though. He’d let ‘em get close, real close. Made all of us nervous, but he never missed, hardly ever, so we let it slide.

He got us all the way out of Denver, up into the mountains, but then once, his gun jammed after he waited till the last minute to fire. Was still trying to fix it when he got bit.

Zombie Drabble #97 “Behind Enemy Lines”

When Willis woke up that third morning, having pulled over on a deserted stretch of highway to sleep, the windows were fogged over. He had eaten two power bars and downed a sixteen ounce water bottle before he realized there were shadows playing across those fogged windows, shapes moving slowly outside the car.

They weren’t trying to get in, at least not yet. He was a quiet sleeper, and it was possible they couldn’t smell him strongly enough to localize him.

When he turned the key, they would know he was there. Hopefully it would start on the first try.