Fantasy Drabble #375 “Gladiator”

“Who am I fighting today, Colrode?”

“Less a ‘who’ than a ‘what’, my Lord.” Colrode pulled at the straps to tighten Thoran’s armor. “Lord Mackarth has provided a vaettr for you today, captured in his travels.”

“Never heard of it.”

“A kind of zombie, my Lord. The commoners call it a ‘wight’.”

Thoran sighed. “One grows tired of fighting these undead creatures, on account of the smell.”

“Indeed, my Lord.”

“One would prefer some great beast, the hide of which one might fashion into a greatcoat.”

“That sounds very stylish, my Lord.”

“Well, at it then, Colrode.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Zombie Drabble #437 “Temperance”

He kept the shogun levelled at the screen door, positioned so that he could still see down the hall into the front room. “Anything?”

From the darkness of the basement came, “There’s a shit-ton of wine, man. Like, fuckin’ racks and racks. These people musta been alcoholics.”

A zombie was shambling across the backyard towards the sounds of their voices. “Grab a couple and let’s go.”

“A couple? Are you kidding? Come help me.”

“Time to go.”

“Fuck off, man, I’m gonna get fucked up.”

He walked over to the back door, propped it open, and left through the front.