Zombie Drabble #429 "Decay"

What was I before? I don't even remember.

A building came down last night, big one, a tower in the middle of the overgrown city. The shaking knocked me off my stack of pallets and blankets and onto the concrete floor, even from this far away. I went outside and watched the concrete dust rise like a mushroom cloud in the moonlight.

They'll all be heading that way, especially if there are fires. It'll be a good time to move, with the dead all focused on the city.

I used to spend a lot of time downtown. Don't remember why.

Zombie Drabble #428 "In Memoriam"

Vic turned his ankle on the curb and was on the ground and they had him before any of us even knew it. I was down to three rounds at that point. I don't know how many bullets Red had left, or Angie, you'd have to ask them, but I had three. Maybe we could have taken down the zombies that were eating Vic, maybe saving the ammo and gone in with knives and shit, and cleared him long enough to say his goodbyes and put him out of his misery or whatever.

But none of us particularly liked Vic.

SF Drabble #458 "The Honeymooners"

She held his elbow as they walked the high street, as much for balance as for love. "It's so pretty. It's all so pretty."

"Doing okay? Need to sit down? We're working on the problem." It was their inside joke: you people really need to do something about the gravity….

"I'm okay."

"Where next?"

They stopped and looked at the map as people streamed past on both sides.  "The cathedral? There's a graveyard with some famous people in it…"

"I read the list, I'd never heard of any of them." She laughed. "We didn't get a lot of Earth history."