SF Drabble #243 “Extended Visa”

His Ident disc got him onto the lander, down to the spaceport, and out onto the street. One of the Polixaci attendants at the final gates studied the details of his rights-of-passage codes with extreme care, but found no reasons to deny him. The attendant chittered, and the disc translated it into: “Enjoy your stay on Lignol.”

The Yourian had been specific about where to go and who to see. The specialist had him stand in an enclosed scanner for a moment, and then studied the results intently. “I can give you fifty, sixty extra years, tops. Cash up front.”

Zombie Drabble #274 “Conservation”

They sat waiting. After a minute, Holberg said, “Turn the engine off, you’re wasting gas.”

“I want to be able to go in a hurry.”

“If we run out of gas—”

“We’re not going to run out of gas, Holberg, we’ve got like half a tank. And there’s a hundred cars up on the interstate we haven’t syphoned yet.”


“And I’d more worried about the car not starting again.”

“I said fine. Watch this guy coming up…”

The approaching zombie was a rotund office worker missing an arm. “So shoot him, Holberg, Jesus, do I have to do everything?”

Fantasy Drabble #172 “Rod of Lightning”

The selection of the tree is possibly the most important choice you will make of the entire process. If you choose a troubled tree — one that has been starved of water, or burned, or one that has been offended by those with no respect for nature — your staff or wand will be troubled as well.

Take only the wood you need, and honor the tree for its sacrifice; if you do not, your staff or wand will actively work against you. And believe me, you don’t want that. Later I will introduce you to Lefty, and then you will understand.

SF Drabble #242 “Governess”

“Ready? Ok. Once upon a time, long ago, human beings lived on a little blue planet called Earth. It was a beautiful little planet, way out on one of the spiral arms, and we were all alone. Or we thought we were! But then—”


“That’s right. The Wimmibol came to Earth, and wanted to be friends, because they thought they were all alone too!”


“And so then humans and Wimmibol explored together! And together they went and found… the Golgrai!”

“Gry scary!”

“No, the Golgrai are perfectly nice. Now listen, because we’re just coming to the good part…”

Zombie Drabble #273 “Canned Goods”

“Are you crazy? Now they’ll all come!” Randolph watched the zombie drop, the top of its head newly missing.

“We’ll be long gone. Check his pockets.”


“Check his fuckin’ pockets, man, don’t you see his uniform?”

The zombie was wearing the uniform of a delivery man, specifically, one who worked for the local chain of grocery stores; and one of their trucks was only fifty yards back. “Oh.”

“Yeah, ‘oh’. And be quick, if that truck’s outta gas we still need time to get in the trailer and take what we can carry. God, I hope there’s a dolly.”