Zombie Drabble #424 "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"

"How've you been?"

She stood awkwardly amid the ruined department store, feeling the weight of the backpack and duct-tape armor and axe. Eventually she managed, "Good."

He stared at his feet. "I should probably apologize."

"You didn't call."

"Yeah." He shrugged. "I don't have a good excuse. I just… I guess I wasn't really feeling it anymore. You know how it is. But anyway, I'm sorry. I should have called."

"Probably doesn't really matter now."

"Yeah." He perked up. "Hey, we have a shelter nearby. Food, weapons. Not many women; you'd be welcome…"

She shrugged, avoided eye contact. "Thanks, but…"

Five Sentence Fiction: "Falling"

Step off, eyes closed, arms outstretched, heels together. Feel the world reach up with her insistent grip to pull me closer, feel the air compress against my face as it resists my passage, feel something in my throat and shoulders and stomach begin to change.

Tell me something: if you could fly, if you just knew it, what would you do that very first time, with no one watching? Would you launch yourself from a tall building or tower, or would you find a low stone wall and risk only a turned ankle?

I've never been one for half measures.

Fantasy Drabble #362 "The Return Of Muckle John"

His Majesty is still fat, I see. Perhaps he has been eating his enemies? I would have thought chasing them across the battlefields would have relieved the Royal frame of some of its burden. Perhaps His Majesty commands his Dukes to chase them in his stead, so that they may be brought to him to be devoured at the Royal leisure?

And how fares Her Majesty the Queen? Does she yet live? Has she been crushed in an attempt to produce a son and heir? She must live in as constant fear of a Royal collapse as the Throne itself.

Fantasy Drabble #361 "The Carol Show"

It doesn't happen often. I wonder how many times before I noticed, you know? Brushing my teeth, my hair, doing makeup, I tune it out, the infinite Carols. They're all doing the same thing as me; I can ignore them, right?

Except sometimes, one of the Carols isn't doing the same thing. Usually it's the third or fourth one. It's hard to catch if you don't know what to look for. A little bit of lag, like, 'mirror latency'. Subtle.

But then she won't look me in the eye, like she's ashamed that I caught her slacking off at work.