SF Drabble #245 “Greasing the Wheels”

Forsythe looked up at the underside of the massive alien. “What did he say?”

“She,” the Yoru interpreted corrected. “Her excellency said that she hopes that formal relations can be established between the Seltek and the Earthers soon. She believes as a show of good faith and respect, a gift is in order.”

“A gift? What kind of gift?”

“I believe that would be up to the Earthers to determine. The more valuable her excellency finds the gift, the more positively it will influence relations.”

Forsythe nodded, turned to Rossman, and whispered, “Are you wearing a watch? Give it here…”

Zombie Drabble #276 “The Talk”

Don’t go makin’ the mistake of thinking just ‘cause they’re slow, they ain’t dangerous. If they grab you, or grab your clothes or something, they ain’t letting go. People, when they’re alive, they don’t use all their strength hardly ever, ‘cause they’re thinking they don’t really wanna hurt nobody, they’re holding back, they’re afraid, whatever. Zombies ain’t afraid and they got no conscience. They’ll grab you with whatever strength they got left in their rotten muscles and they’ll keep a hold on you until they eat their fill. So keep moving. And don’t go wearing no long flow-ey dresses, neither.

Fantasy Drabble #173 “Alvör”


I mean human males, mostly. Though males of my own kind can be just as bad; they all talk sweetly and want to commune with the spirits and be one with the Blessed Mother, but ultimately they’re certain the path to Salvation lies through my underthings.

Human men don’t even bother with the trappings of courtship. Loutish, handsy boors, the lot of them. Being strong, they can be useful in a fight. But I swear to you if one more adventuresome brute paws me looking for a bit of strange, I think I will surely slice him in half.

SF Drabble #244 “Going Native”

The sign said, “Humans only!” It was spelled correctly for a change. Out in the sticks it’s even money. I walked in, sat down at a booth. I don’t like sitting at the bar, especially with my back to the door: not on a planet like this.

The waitress was right out of central casting: cute, but weathered and insincere. “What’ll ya have, sweetie?”

“A number three. And black coffee, if you have some fresh.”

“I’ll start a new pot.” She smiled, winked, and went on her way. I always fool them. They never know; they just think they do.

Zombie Drabble #275 “Diversionary Tactics”

I had to get away. But, we were surrounded in that little house, just me and Iris. And I never liked Iris: too whiny. So, killing her was no big deal.

The hard part was dragging her body upstairs and getting it through the window. I had to break it, it was one of those that doesn’t open. The noise just attracted more of them to that side of the house, so that was helpful. The horde surrounded the body and began to feast, and I just went downstairs and walked out the front door and down the street unmolested.