Five Sentence Fiction: “Betrothed”

I wait in the pentagram, standing in bare feet and white dress, for my beloved, my intended husband, my demon King. They encircle me, chanting, thinking that I am a pawn, an offering, a sacrifice. They imagine that they control me. They imagine that, through me, they will control Him.

They don’t know who they’re dealing with.

SF Drabble #430 “This Week’s Unboxing”

I have now seen everything.

The new Compandroid™ ad for the third offering in their new line of sex bots — maybe you’ve seen it pop up in your wearable tech display when you checked out a pretty girl this week — is a new low, even for them. “You’ve felt Agony, you’ve held a Grudge, now drink Poison.” The double entendre would be cringeworthy if it weren’t vastly overwhelmed by the overall creep factor.

She comes in a nondescript box, like all of their products, but inside the box is a bottle, and your new artificial sex slave is crammed inside the bottle like a model ship. Only with Poison, once you’ve got her out of there and activated, instead of being pliant and submissive she’s willful and dismissive. Passive-aggressive abuse instead of sexual passivity.

Which is what these creeps deserve, I’d say. Only costs $25k and your dignity.