Fantasy Drabble #339 “Pit”


They’re so close. Just a few hundred feet more and I’d be free. But they’ve stopped digging.

I can still feel them up there, around. I’ll grab hold of their minds and tell them to start again, but none of them have the means: the diggers have left, or are dead; the machines are rusted away or broken up for scrap; there’s not enough compressed carbon left to make the cover story seem plausible.

Maybe I’ll make them all jump in. Maybe then someone would wonder why, and then come to dig, to find out.

Hell, it’s worth a shot.

Fantasy Drabble #338 “Spassssky”

“Would you like to play chessss?”

“What? What did you say?”

“Chessss. Would you like to play? I’ll give you the firsssst move.”

“Well, first of all, that’s not even a complete board. And I see no white pieces. So there’s no real way for us to play. Second of all, you are a sculpture, with no anima. So even if we could play, you would most certainly lose.”

“Are you ssssure about that? Or is it that you’re sssscared?

“Don’t trash-talk me, you piece of graduate-student mumbo-jumbo. I’ll knock you right over.”

“Big talk for ssssomeone who won’t play.”