SF Drabble #392 "Rebellion"

The younger human children are as quiet as they can manage; the older human children plan strategy, whisper orders, observe their competitors' movements. Packet is a game of stealth and cunning. Here it is played by young from nine different races, amongst the short trees of the Red Forest; it is also played with starships.

The Association operates on a strict racial class system. Such considerations are theoretically relaxed on Makelay Colony for the special occasion of the Three Moon Games. Even so: the Vylid hatchlings are supposed to win. It is a thing that is understood.

Not this time.

Zombie Drabble #392 "Spent"

He settled into the tall, cool grass, not caring that it was wet, not caring about the bugs that would soon crawl over his skin, not caring for anything at all. He didn't kick off his shoes because he knew his feet would swell up and he'd never get them back on. He let his eyes stay closed for a long time, longer than was safe, until he felt panic returning; only then did he open them to look up at the clear blue sky above.

Eventually he'd have to get up, go on, or be eaten; but not now.