Fantasy Drabble #87 “The Edda of The Suul, Part I”

While the expanding universe is still opaque, Ul’s children, the Suul, form. They are composed mainly of magic, but it is laced with tiny quantities of super-dense matter. They are immensely powerful. There are eight of them, Myn, Wyn, Eyl, Vyl, Whe, Bol, Sye, and Jyl.

They squabble from birth. Bol, weaker than the others, is quickly banished to the realm of dark matter, where he founds the underworld. Whe and Sye, strong and ambitious, seek to rule the visible universe as a pair. While Myn, Wyn, and Eyl choose to fight against them, Vyl and Jyl remain cautiously neutral.

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