Zombie Drabble #198 “Supply and Demand”

Standard split-level ranch house, no garage. Two cars in the driveway, neither of them worth the trouble. Most of the roads are blocked anyway.

Five zombies inside. One — the mother, I think — was close to the door, and I had to shoot her. Had time to get ready to beat the others down, though. Pantry was sparse, but did get some soup and some assorted canned fruit. One good raincoat, a little big. No shoes in my size.

Sixty-seven rounds left for the pistol. That’s sixty-six zombies I can put down, leaving one for myself. Just in case.

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  1. Ok...I am a sucker for zombies...so you got me hooked in right here. Can totally see this scene. Love it. More please, more brain eating, flesh eating end of the world zombies!