Fantasy Drabble #262 “The Edda of The Meyelu, Part I”

Myn and Eyl have twelve children, called the Meyelu. Of these, all but one are immortal.

Their mortal daughter Simkit is born malformed, and the two parents dedicate themselves to her care while she lives (a long period by Folk standards, certainly, but Simkit does eventually die). Simkit is also known as “Eyd-Rill" (“Mother–of-Smiles") and “Ivmeyel” (“Beloved of Myn and Eyl.”) When Folk desire special favor from Myn and Eyl, they offer devotions in memory of Simkit.

Malformed or congenitally ill children born to the Folk are considered to be especially favored by Simkit, and therefore the other Immortals.

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