Zombie Drabble #394 "The Blessed Event"

Cheech exclaimed, "Jesus, isn't there any way to keep her quiet?"

"Even seen a woman give birth?" Randolph raised his eyebrows.


"Well take it from me: she's gonna holler. She's gonna scream her head off. All we can do about it is fight off whatever hears her until they're ready to move again."

"When'll that be?"

"If they both come through healthy?" Randolph shrugged. "Few days. It'd be less, we had a doctor."

"Fuck," protested Cheech. "Look, here comes one already."

A zombie shambled down the street, coming for crying mother and child.

"I'll bring up some more ammo."


  1. I love it! It definitely makes the reader want to know what happens to the mother and child. Do they live? Do they die? Does the guy find ammo?
    It raises a lot of questions which makes me want to read more. :)

  2. I like doing these little snapshots, moments. I think of drabbles as vectors, in the mathematical sense: they tell you where the characters are, and what direction they're heading, and how fast. Conceptually, of course.

    All the zombie stuff takes place within the same 'universe', so each story should be consistent with the others, even though the characters rarely recur.