SF Drabble #404 "Comfort Food"

The waiter, a Yourian, waddled over to our table; through the translator disc, she asked, "What can I get for you today?"

The menu was printed in the Polixaci trade koiné: symbols and wavy lines and color gradients. The pictures were no more helpful. I sputtered, "Uh… what's good?"

"We're known for our boiled shwill. And our fundlebrack. And the crottled greeps are fresh." She watched us try to look those dishes up in our travel guides, and sighed. "You're humans, right? We have meat loaf."

"What's the meat?"

"Something called a 'cattle'. I've never tried it."

"We'll take two."


  1. What a wuss. You should have tried the fundlebrack, it's out of this world.

    1. I'm partial to the crottled greeps, myself; but of course you need to know how to use the crottling fork.

  2. That menu reads like some of the 'crazy name' dreams I often have. I never remember them in the mornings; not well enough to put into a blog posting.

  3. Replies
    1. Cruelty-free crottled greeps. At least until you crottle them.

  4. You missed out by avoiding the boiled shwill. Fantastic!

  5. oh, the fundlebrack was so wonderful.. try it the next time:) fun read