SF Drabble #407 "Analysis"

"So," he said, wreathed in smoke, "I am told you think you are a time traveler, yes?"

"That's right."

"From the future?"

"The future, yes." I affected an expression of discomfort. "Do you think you could have the orderlies loosen these straps a bit? I'm starting to ache."

"I am afraid not." I didn't expect that to work: I've already tried to escape twice, and the last time I punched a nurse. Male, but, still.

"All right." My discomfort may not be physical, but it's real. The Device won't wait. The timer will send it back with or without me.


  1. I enjoyed this one: the way it opened and the dialogue, especially how the character responds to the questions.

  2. Would looooooove to know the larger story behind this one!! It's a great hook - sets up enough of a framework, leaves just enough questions, to draw the reader in. And I, for one, am a sucker for a well-writ time travel story...which this one promises to be.

    Great work! So glad you found the VisDare challenge. Hope to see more of your work in future challenges. :D