Fantasy Drabble #324 "Leuce"

She sat astride a thick bough with her legs dangling in open air. "Come and get me!" She taunted the wolves circling below. "No? Then maybe I'll come down and eat you!"

Suddenly their ears perked, and just as suddenly they fled.

"I can't believe that worked."

"You shouldn't tease them like that. They remember the insult."

She turned to find the origin of the strange male voice, to find… well, dressed like that, he could only be a wizard. She replied, warily, "They're only animals."

"Animals have their dignity." He smiled. "In any case, they won't return. Come down."


  1. Animals do have a certain dignity, and it can bruise easily.

  2. I've always found most animals to be more dignified than people. Great start to a fun story!