SF Drabble #414 "Negotiation"

"How much for the girl?"

"What?" Jimm looked up, around.

The voice came from a human, overweight, dressed well, wearing an ID on a lanyard around his neck that said he was class 'B'; he was looking at Kie. "The blond. How much?"

"She's not for sale."

"I have Association credits. Not scrip." He held up a silvery, translucent square with symbols etched into the face. "The real thing. Name your price."

"She's really not for sale. No disrespect: we're married."

"Hang on," Kie interjected, and that sweet smile spread across her face. "I'm expensive. How much do you have?"


  1. Delightful; O Henry would have loved it!

  2. And Jimm thought he owned her! It clearly is a new world.

  3. my first visit to your blog and i went looking for SF #413 hoping that contained more of this story.. loved it..:) like Berowne said..

    1. I tend not to serialize with flashfiction... I prefer to let each piece be self-contained. Though a lot of the stories share a 'universe'... this particular story is set in the dystopian SF 'Association' universe. You can find other stories in this setting by clicking on the 'Association' tag in the sidebar. :-)