SF Drabble #418 "Brain In A Jar"

My car accident was a freak. It never happens anymore, not like that. Autopilots hardly ever fail, and there are few sections of road without Guidestripe backups.

Now my brain and part of my nervous system controls a starship. I feel its systems as I once felt my fingers and toes. Oncoming dust striking the magnetic field around the hull tickles my skin. Or it would, if I ever went anywhere. I've been stuck in port for three years. Cutbacks, they say.

I was given a choice between being this and being a paraplegic. I wonder if I chose well.


  1. your title to this post is so intriguing. you have a way with words. starship. magnetic field. cutbacks.


    1. "Brain-in-a-jar" is a classic sf trope. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BrainInAJar :-)