Fantasy Drabble #333 “Trixie”

I know what I’ll do.

They’ll be waiting, wondering where I am, looking at their watches, shaking their heads, checking their phones for missed calls. They’ll congregate by the cars, they’ll mill around, they’ll make small talk. No one will get too annoyed: it’s not like I haven’t been late before.

I’ll wait until they start wondering aloud if they should just go on without me, and then I’ll appear overhead, circling, studiously ignoring the upturned faces wearing amazed expressions. I’ll gently alight among them like it was nothing at all. It’ll be awesome.

If only they would grow faster.


  1. Better late than never...nice bit of writing David...

  2. ...that last line is quite intriguing for me.... i guess, i need to read this for quite some more.... smiles...

  3. Brilliant! Reminds me of my sons dreams when he much younger. Oh how he longed to descend from the heavens into the schoolyard, wings gently a-flapping.
    Anna :o]

  4. Loved that! I have a sense that she is often confounding the people are her.