Zombie Drabble #420 “Antisocial”

Sometimes, you just gotta move on.

People get comfortable, forget what’s out there, start acting like things is normal: that’s when they start acting like they’s got issues with each other. Start making trouble. Start fightin’, one against the other.

I wasn’t gonna wait around to watch the place burn down. I got a new place. Run down, water damage, smells worse than the zombies I had to kill to get to it. But it’s safe, and it’s mine.

Ain’t nobody to argue with, ain’t nobody to share with. Ain’t no problems but the living dead, and them I got.


  1. "smells worse than the zombies I had to kill to get to it."


    In a few words you've told the story of these character: relationships, lifestyle, grit... Brilliant, indeed!

  2. Nicely done David...thanks for sharing

  3. Raw. and rather bitter, response to the prompt. Well written.

  4. I like this paradox inherent in being living - dead ,i think it is rarher apt in our rapidly decaying post induatrial landscape , question is , are we dying or being born ?

  5. Those damned zombies ... are you certain you got all of them?

  6. Another cool bit of writing, David...the dialect works so well here...