Lia Capricia Biondi

Funerals are so boring. There’s no other kids my age to play with and there’s no food that I like and Aunt Irma’s new husband smells weird, like medicine, and this dress is itchy. I wish I could have stayed home. I don’t even know who Jimmy the Bear is and nobody would let me look in the casket to find out. And what kind of name is ‘Jimmy the Bear’ anyway? Did he have a pet bear? Or maybe did he act like a bear? That would be annoying. Is that why he was ‘whacked’? What does ‘whacked’ mean?


  1. Sounds just like what might go on in a child's head during such a situation!
    My paternal grandfather's funeral ended up being a bit like something from a soap opera. Contentions over the will, my father hated my grandfather's second wife, my father and his stepbrother got in a fist fight. Can't make this stuff up!