SF Drabble #430 “This Week’s Unboxing”

I have now seen everything.

The new Compandroid™ ad for the third offering in their new line of sex bots — maybe you’ve seen it pop up in your wearable tech display when you checked out a pretty girl this week — is a new low, even for them. “You’ve felt Agony, you’ve held a Grudge, now drink Poison.” The double entendre would be cringeworthy if it weren’t vastly overwhelmed by the overall creep factor.

She comes in a nondescript box, like all of their products, but inside the box is a bottle, and your new artificial sex slave is crammed inside the bottle like a model ship. Only with Poison, once you’ve got her out of there and activated, instead of being pliant and submissive she’s willful and dismissive. Passive-aggressive abuse instead of sexual passivity.

Which is what these creeps deserve, I’d say. Only costs $25k and your dignity.


  1. sadly, this is probably not too far from reality...our wanton pleasure needs...and our simplification of everything, it wont be far off...

  2. Ah.. I'm just reading brave new world.. And it could come right out of that book.. Though I assume it would be an epsilon instead of a bot.

  3. Yes, Brave New World-esque indeed. I do wonder where our world is going with our seemingly insatiable need to satisfy our urges at the drop of a hat.

    1. I mean, I like satisfying my urges at the drop of a hat. As long as there isn't something else I have to be doing ;-)

  4. Wonderfully barbed and - as has been said - sadly not too far off reality, or what they're trying to make reality. That last line clinches it for me.