Fantasy Drabble #349 “North Platte”

Help me defeat my sister and I will see you safely returned home.

The White Witch kept her word, I guess. But time must have gone different there, ‘cause when we woke up in the field out back, the house was boarded up and there was a ‘for sale by bank’ sign out front and ma and pa weren’t nowhere to be found.

Blackie was gone, too. I’m not sure Evelyn will ever get over that stupid dog. But I’m smart, and I’m tough, and I can take care of her. I’m eight whole years older, so it’s my job.


  1. Oooo just the sort of treacherous promise a magician would offer to an unsuspecting child. Now I want to know how they're going to overcome such an awful consequence. Poor kids!

    1. I can't help but think of Larry Niven's description of wizards (and Pak Protectors) as (and I'm paraphrasing here) mysterious, fickle, and to be avoided if possible. They have their own agenda and their own frame of reference for it and if they even notice they've 'inconvenienced' you by ruining your life, you're one of the lucky few.

  2. This photo inspires difficult situations for the characters. Mine took on child abuse. I share the link with the warning that it touches on the subject of molestation, and the song lyrics I share contain harsh language.