Fantasy Drabble #351 “Seraph”

“You’re not going back down there, are you?”

There were no weapons or armor to gird on, no lovers from whom to tearfully take his leave. He had only to set his heart and step from the edge. “I must.”

“The danger is too great. You—”

“I must.” He stepped closer. “You heard what He said: we can still lose this war. The servants of darkness can still spill out across the land like the great Flood and devour all that is good and holy, and if they do it will not be because I feared being turned to stone.”


  1. I don't much blame the protagonist. I think the idea of being turned to stone is pretty terrifying. I suffer from sleep paralysis, and it's a horrible feeling, not being able to move but being aware of everything.
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  2. Good for him - what a brave being!