Separation Anxiety

There's no headstones on the property, none that I've ever found. The real estate lady said the whole graveyard had been relocated sometime in the 50's, before the house that was torn down to build this house was built.

I'm fairly certain they missed someone, though.

I've done the research. Abigail Anne Cordero, 28, wife of Fabrizio, both dead in a fire, buried in 1931. She'd be long-dead now in any event, but I don't suppose that matters. I'll bet he was moved as planned and she wasn't. Somewhere, probably under the mud-room where she appears, her bones are waiting to be reunited with the love of her life.

I'd dig her up myself if I could afford it; of course the insurance company won't pay. If I could get her on camera maybe they'd believe me. Maybe not: it's so easy to fake something like that on a computer.


  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE this?!? Wow. Such a rich and fascinating story stuffed into 150 words. Fabulous work, m'friend.