Maybe This Won’t Last Very Long

I took the pill, okay? She gave me the pill, and I put it in my pocket instead of taking it right then, but when I got home and felt safe I put it on my tongue and chased it with skim milk because that’s all I have in the fridge.

I mean, there’s leftover sweet-and-sour chicken too, but that’s not a drink.

I thought it was a dud, because it didn’t do anything for the longest time. Hey, remember that Billy Joel song? My mom used to sing that in the kitchen. But eventually it kicked in and now I don’t even know where I am.

Ever played chess? There’s this enormous chessboard in a forest here, but the forest is upside down and I really think that would make it hard to play? Especially since I’m under the board. Or, above the board? Fuck I am so high…


  1. yes I remmber that Billy Joel song - think I have it stuck in my head now!

    Hope you recover will no ill effects - LOL

    1. Hehe, thanks, but it's fiction: I don't do strange drugs from strange women. Also, sorry about the earworm. ;-)