Meet Me On The Wharf

She was standing under the very last lamp in a tight red dress, out past the pay phone and the benches. He walked to her as casually as he could manage. "Evening."

"Relax, no one's watching."

"Can't be too careful. You have the drive?"

She held up a tiny square. "Flash card."

He let her place it in his palm. "That's fine, my laptop takes them. Pretty standard now. You've already been paid." It wasn't a question.

She smiled. He nodded and turned to walk away, not hearing the rustle of the silenced pistol sliding out of her garter belt.


  1. you are so dark, David. You make me smile (and want to read more)

    1. Sometimes my darkness gets in the way of my gloominess and I have to rein it in. ;-)

  2. Garter holsters are a great hiding place.