Fantasy Drabble #360 "Crime Doesn't Pay"

"What keeps them from raiding your hoard when you're not here?" The Oreiad Winnis asked, looking at the pile of half-melted armor and blackened bone. "You do leave from time to time, yes? What if some adventurer snuck in while you were—"

"One did, once." Midz-Aset snorted steam, continued, "A thief, the best in the land. He left his scent in his footprints. I flew to his home village, but he had fled; I burned it. I found his family's hiding place, but he was absent; I ate them. In the end he gave himself up just to end it."


  1. I guess that chowing down on a person's family is a strategy that is difficult to ignore! Darkly humorous.

  2. ummm . . . . yum? :)
    well done, my twisted friend, well done.