SF Drabble #440 "For The Woman Who Has Everything"

"This is the newest model?" She walked around the android, looking it up and down, sliding a finger along the bicep and around the shoulder and down the back. "Fully loaded?"

"Yes, the 7000 Series. This one's a 7800XT," the manager nodded. "All the luxury appointments."

"Complex household tasks?"

"Yes, ma'am. Even does the dishes. Quite a bargain at only—"

"And more intimate services?" she pressed, pulling the waistband open just enough to peek.

"I, ah… I can't say. That is, I…" the manager hemmed and hawed. Behind him, his secretary gave a nod and a grin and a wink.


  1. Oh, they have designed an android modeled after me! How clever of them, it will be a smashing success!
    In truth I doubt that the Skinny Middle-Aged Asian Guy model would be the most popular, even if he was the very best at the intimate services. I am, after all, a realist.
    This was a fun read. I've always enjoyed science fiction, especially that with a healthy side order of humor.