SF Drabble #449 "Glimmer"

"You're in there somewhere, sleeping, maybe trapped, maybe just waiting for that spark to return, that anima," Walcott said, tapping lightly on the 'head' casing with a dirty fingertip. The robot never answered, no matter how many leads he replaced or contacts he cleaned or parts he replaced.

"You worked once, I know you did: I've read your logfile," he observed, sighing, and sat back in his chair. The unit had been a loader at Quito, then lifted to the Moon and then Europa, nearly a hundred years of labor all across the system before eventually failing.

"Where'd you go?"


  1. Sadly, I am watching people I love decline into dementia. I have also taken care of dementia patients for many years. I have some metaphysical beliefs, but that question is there: "where did you go?"

    1. Yeah, I lived with and took care of (as much as I could) my mother as she slipped into dementia over the space of about 10 years, with no resources and no help from anyone. There's a story about it in my head, but I haven't written it yet, not the way I want to. It does tend to creep into other stuff, though.