Fantasy Drabble #361 "The Carol Show"

It doesn't happen often. I wonder how many times before I noticed, you know? Brushing my teeth, my hair, doing makeup, I tune it out, the infinite Carols. They're all doing the same thing as me; I can ignore them, right?

Except sometimes, one of the Carols isn't doing the same thing. Usually it's the third or fourth one. It's hard to catch if you don't know what to look for. A little bit of lag, like, 'mirror latency'. Subtle.

But then she won't look me in the eye, like she's ashamed that I caught her slacking off at work.


  1. Subtle indeed! Sometimes we don't "see" the mirror just what we want to see.

  2. Love it. You got me thinking this morning….


  3. The two "I"s: Innovative and Intriguing...

  4. Oh my yes, I shall be seeing with different eyes the next time I stare into the mirror!

  5. Ha! Love it...did you choose the name "Carol" because she looks a bit like Carol Burnett?

    1. Not consciously, no... but I suppose it's possible that her inherent Carol Burnettness spoke to me. :)