51 Weymouth Drive

Something happened in there, long time ago, before you were born. Not gonna tell you what, not even when you're older.

Nobody would buy it after that. Nobody would buy the other houses in the row, either, after everyone moved out. They were torn down, those other houses, but no one would touch this one, not even to end it.

Forest grew right up to the house, because nobody would come around to clear it. But as soon as it got there, it started to pull away, recoil. The roots of the trees pulled the earth with them as they went. Only the vines'll touch it. Maybe they're too dumb, maybe they just don't care. Maybe the vines are the forest's way of protecting itself, squeeze the place until it crumbles to pieces. Hope so.

Don't go in. Boy, look at me. Not even on a dare. Not even then.

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