SF Drabble #454 "The Quilt"

There's a square by Grandma who was a go-go dancer in the 1990's and who retired to Boca but would always drive up to Canaveral to see the launches. There's a square for her sister, Great Aunt June, who lived with Grandma for a month one summer while waiting to join her husband who had just died.

There's a square for Aunt Meanie we aren't allowed to ask about. There's a square for Mom that she made while they were waiting to be frozen for the trip. There's a square for all the family's Earthborn women.

Now it's my turn.


  1. Very nice. My aunt could tell tell me where every square came from. This piece dragged up the memory. Thanks.

  2. can always count on you to take it one square further . . . great piece as always!

  3. For a second there I thought you put aside the sci-fi for sentimentality. Lol. Of course they can go together.