With Eyes Wide Open

She explained the risks and rewards. She warned of the pain. She was completely up-front, completely above-board. I still went for it. There was something about her eyes that distracted, something assuaging and alluring, something full of promises about protection and sex.

I know I should have said 'no', that I shouldn't be here, that I should have gone home and gone to bed and thanked my lucky stars and maybe said as much of a prayer as I could remember from when I was a boy. But she's so beautiful.

She's so beautiful, but her hands are so cold


  1. Really like how much you accomplished with such a small bit of prose!

  2. Frosty to the touch, but oh the vision of her! You had me at the title!

  3. This hits me, which is odd because you write it in kind of a "no big deal" kind of way. But im having this reaction... maybe I need a nap.