SF Drabble #458 "The Honeymooners"

She held his elbow as they walked the high street, as much for balance as for love. "It's so pretty. It's all so pretty."

"Doing okay? Need to sit down? We're working on the problem." It was their inside joke: you people really need to do something about the gravity….

"I'm okay."

"Where next?"

They stopped and looked at the map as people streamed past on both sides.  "The cathedral? There's a graveyard with some famous people in it…"

"I read the list, I'd never heard of any of them." She laughed. "We didn't get a lot of Earth history."


  1. Nice flash fiction. You keep the surprise until the end. Even the gravity thing didn't ruin it I just thought it a personal joke. ♥

  2. Replies
    1. In my head I had him as a local and her as a girl who'd been born on the Moon or Mars or something, and they'd met in space, and they were honeymooning dirtside. But I suppose they could be aliens! :)

  3. Quite a lot packed into a small bit of prose! I really liked it!

  4. Nice work. Clever and solid. Nice twist to SF at the end. :-)


  5. I felt like you had a hidden camera on me until that surprise last line...clever!