By Iron Horse

I have decided to return to the country estate for my convalescence, dearest Mathilda, and should arrive there close behind this letter. I expect you to have a heaping plate of your famous lavender cookies ready for me when I arrive (get Harriet to help you if needed) and a pile of books picked out as I will immediately dragoon you into reading to me in the garden.

Do not tell mother I am coming as I would rather like to be a surprise (unless she was there when Carlton gave you this letter, in which case the jig is up.)

You will be proud to learn that I have been mentioned in dispatches, though I am only just hearing of it now as I was quite insensible while in hospital in France. There may even be a decoration to be had, perhaps even a VC, though of course one affects not to care about such things. The lads caught the worst of it as one might expect, but their morale is high, and should I be returned to the fighting I believe we may be done with this ugly business by winter.

See you soon, dearest sister.