"Where's Andie?"

"At the high school. She's got swimming."

"Swimming again? Is that every week?"

"Three times a week. Plus she goes on her own after school sometimes, sometimes even on the weekends. It's as if all she wants to do is spend time in the water. Can't keep her out of it." She sighed. "Girl has twenty-three swimsuits, Carla. Twenty-three. Can you imagine?"

"Maybe there's a boy."

"It's a girls' team."

"Well, they hang around, you know how they are. Like Bob used to hang around for you after band."

"Maybe. I mean she's certainly at an age where she should be dating."

"Or… Jeanie, maybe there's a girl."

There was a pause, and then a shrug. "Maybe. That'd be all right too."

"You're so modern."

"Well, really, Carla, I just want her to be happy; I only wish I could get her to be happy on dry land."

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